June 14, 2011

10 on Tuesday**

it's 10 on Tuesday with KIM from it's a Crafty Life...not crafty stuff this time but just 10 things you are loving this Terrific Tuesday!
SO....let's see....hmmm..

1.  Food Network Star-I've never watched this show before this season and I like it!  Probably cause I'm a big Bobby Flay fan and love shows he's on...I agree, dude that got kicked off the 1st show was NOT a team player...my 3 fav's would have to be Justin D, Orchid and Jeff....Justin B is HOT but he doesn't have the whole package for his own show -YET :)
2. Been a Britney fan ever since the girl could sing :)

3.  Reading:  just thought i'd read something different-interesting how people mask pain.  Like Dr. Phil says, you can't change what you don't acknowledge and I'm just happy when folks get it and make changes to make themselves happy.  Shame it took Chaz so long....
4. My Thrift shop SCORE!  Restoration hardware plates for entertaining...$7 for the set..super cute!

5.  best stuff at Costco right now...I've steamed them, made a fantastic verson of Dan Dan noodle bowls..omg, who doesn't love cilantro, ginger and asian flair? yum-o!
6.  cool stuff at this blog-had a talk with someone just last week about this-hope they take a leap of faith.
7.  loving the super awesome card HE (Thing 3) gave me yesterday as we celebrated our 14th!

8. I had to post 2 of these cause I think some people need a REMINDER...they know who they are..I'm not perfect but...sometimes it feels like I would do anything for some of my friends, but they don't know how to reciprocate till they're in the hot seat...they need a lesson:  Either that, or an "unfriend" button:
9.  laralewis @ Etsy-her jewelry is simple, contemporary and just lovely....
10.  SHE (Elizabeth)  makes yummy stuff-I'm making this (Garden Spaghetti in a Lemon Butter Sauce) tomorrow but may substitute Broccoli rabe for the broccoli :):):)-SAVORY SALTY SWEET


Charity said...

OH, what a fabulous list!!
Lots of interest spiking items to check out...thanks!

It's a Crafty Life said...

Those plates are the cutest!!

I would love to have a Costco by me. We have Sam's Club or BJ's, but I'm willing to bet that they are not as good as Costco! :-)

And Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for linking up!

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