June 28, 2011

Sunday's go by so quickly-but it was a great weekend!

She "Smashes!"
I know, it's Terrific Tuesday and I'm behind in blogging so I'm pretending that it's Monday...Got to cut and "Smash" a bit with some familiar faces over the weekend (hey Jen, Kim, Donna)..these two are they only ones who allowed me to kindly photograph them LOL....
just know that what she was working on was awesome!
AND, I also got to meet some online buddies FOR real ! Royal shoutout to some real sweethearts, Meg, Jay and here's  "DB" and "M" (I can't use her initials cause they might sound offensive LOL*MF)....we had so much fun and it's great when you have facebook friends and then get together face to face; especially when it involves crafting! Can't wait till we do it again!
Hey "Friend" :):):)

**hey Donna-who was the dude behind us?? LOL**
I can't post any of the layouts I was working on since one was a gift, one is for a manu challenge and the other one is for a DT assignment (Twisted Sketches coming up tomorrow...stay tuned)...I know, I yapped too much and didn't get a lot accomplished...I did work on a cute tray (3 of us were working on trays, so wish I taken a pic of Donna's-it was AWESOME)
and I'll post that as soon as I run and take some pics!

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