July 11, 2011

I'm still Smashing!

well, some of us brought our Smash books to the girls getaway this past weekend and I can honestly say that everybody is hooked AND that they are addictive!  Thing 1 even wants one and she doesn't even scrapbook!  So here's some of mine...I just have it random mish-mosh...stuff outta my purse and pictures and reminders and stuff :):):)

I definitely need about 4-6 more of these !!  If you don't know what they are; head over to the EK Success video over at YouTube :):)  then, you'll need to hunt to find them-I do know they have them at amazon.com and a few other places though or if you are in Maryland, call Tracy at PhotoScraps  {(410) 549-5187)} and she'll assist ya !


Nutmeg said...

These are great Kat!! It is soooo addicting!
And I finally can use so many little things I never had a place for. Best of all, it's a place I have permission to be a little chaotic and creative!

Nutmeg said...

Your book is great Kat! And it is truly addicting! I have to get more, I am already thinking of things to do with other books! I have literally picked through junk drawers and boxes of keepsakes and have gone to town!!


The Scorpian Crafter said...

I'm smashing too...(why am I up still)....when I have to be at work at 6am????

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