May 26, 2012

Happy Remembrance Day!

Or, as it has evolved to-HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!  Much love and respect to all our service men & woman who have served and are still serving what I consider the greatest country in the world!! Hope you are enjoying the hot temps and a relaxing weekend too!  I took a break from crafting today (I made a super cute canvas last night but wasn't home all day to photograph & write up) since I was on single mom duty all week long and then when the hubs came back yesterday, he was sick! (which is rare).....since I am selfish, I quickly tried to nurse him back to health all the while still celebrating Thing 2's birthday week...took him out to dinner and you know how kids LOVE them some Red Robin...

love these super cute little pizzas that they had on the kids menu and of course, an Arnold Palmer to cool us off! Wanted to run into the city (Wash DC) to catch a memorial & a museum or two, but with temps creeping towards 90 degrees, we passed! Tomorrow's a bbq and birthday cake time so...until then...HAPPY SATURDAY!


Nathalie said...

Hi Kate! Thank you for stopping by my blog tonight! If you want to know more about the backstitch, simply click on the word "back stitch" in my post and it has a link to a tutorial for it ;) HTH! Let me know if that doesn't work for you and I will try to assist you :D

Cindy Gay said...

Happy Memorial Day Kate! Hope your husband is feeling better. HB to Thing 2!

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