May 9, 2012

OMG...I am a scatterbrain...or is it peabrain??

It's a wonder that Anam doesn't hurt me...thank god (say it how Kathy Griffin would say it with the shoulders and eye rolls) that she lives far away  in the UK so she can't smack me!  I missed another deadline for Twisted Sketches... She understands that I had some personal stuff going on and that I got scatter brained/brain drained  in the process.  BUT, that being said, I do apologize for my lack of inconsistency and lack of blogging and promise that I am back on the, YES ,  I did miss      Sketch # 149, but my trusty & talented Team B did not!!  Feast your eyes on my favorite layout created &  posted ON TIME by team member Miss Claire:
loved the color palette and the super cute alphas on the side AND, of course, all the butterflies which I find to be divine all the time!  
Here was my take on the sketch....

I did a vintage style layout with Things 1-4  and I TRIED to capture us all around the same age (age 7  1/2 to age 8 1/2  or so)...I used age 8 as my side title but I probably shoulda used a question mark too LOL....

I don't have that many pics of hubby so it was slim pickings to find one that I could use; just don't tell him that he's all over the blogosphere okay ???! And even though you might not be able to tell, but I just used the Stickles in GunMetal for the FIRST time ever and OMG, I am addicted!  It is FABULOUS! I see that it's discontinued in some places so I may need to buy a few bottles to hoard!

Thanks for understanding and being super sweet readers...don't forget to hop over to Twisted and see the sketch and also see what else we did for your viewing pleasure !!!!

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Cindy Gay said...

Your take is great. Love the blues. I'm lucky I can remember what month it is!

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