June 12, 2012

It's a Terrific Tuesday!

we are officially on summer vacation and all I can say is Lawd, Help Me!  You don't realize how much of an entertainer, chef, maid, artist, librarian, fighter-breaker-upper you are until your kids are home all day...Whew! I need to plan out some activities and projects to keep these two busy so I shall be trolling the Pinterest site homeschooling ideas and projects for sure...

It's still a Terrific Tuesday for a number of reasons-ALLOW ME TO SHARE....the sun is shining and Thing 2 and I are gonna have a play date today, I think all the germs have left this house (Things 1 and 3 were sick over the last month), the studio is getting a cleaning,  I'm knocking out some great summer reads 

and, I won some gorgeous Beautiful Moments goodies from Carta Bella (see below) cause I got the moves like Jagger !
 AND, save the date!  June 15th....happy news....here's a hint:

1 comment:

Izzy Anderson said...

That Carta Bella collection is SWEET! Ccngrats on the happy news!! I'll have to pop back over on the 15th to see what it is! :)

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