October 4, 2012

Tim Holtz Thursday...

I'm still working on scrapping the awesome classes at Queens Ink last month....finally got around to finishing up 2 measly layouts-and again, if you have never taken a class with the super talented Tim Holtz, or if you think that the fee was high, I have to say that he was worth every dime-save your money and hope he comes back in 2014! !  A friend of mine gifted me a class and then I treated myself a class as a birthday present and he made it all worthwhile...He's one of the best instructors in the crafting business and the way his team works so that everything is seamless (what other instructor lets you just walk in the door with just your camera?? No one I know)...he provides EVERYTHING-scissors, inks, ephemera...ALL!!!  It is something I have never seen before ...he needs to teach THAT to corporate America!

Anyway, I am still on a spending "freeze" so I dug through my vintage bag to use stuff that looked vintagey...So without further ado, I present you with TIMKAT  (LOL-KimJ gave me that one!)

 I did a flip book on the 2nd LO- still using the flip technique that Danyiel Wise taught me way way back in 2009 up at the Cozy Crop House :):)    In the altered pieces, my creation is on the left and Tim's awesomeness is on the right :):)  It was just a 2 days of sooo much fun!

first class- I had him sign my apron :)


Kory K said...

You know well enough how jealous I am that you got to go to the class, and you know how jealous I am that you've had your picture taken with Da MAN, but- wow, great great layouts!!! I very much love your style, all the layering- nice taste!!!

-kory k

Bente Fagerberg said...

You are a very lucky girl! How awesome to do one of his classes!
Beautiful scrappy work and I am sure you managed to pick up lots of new tricks!!

Tamika said...

Love how you scrapped your Tim Holtz adventures!

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