October 5, 2012

Friday, thank gosh it's Friday!

Just wanted to say congrats to my twin sis (see left) for starting a new job this week!  
30 minute layout with papers I had been hoarding for who knows how long??? And, just an FYI that  liquid pearls are my new addiction!  and just a reminder that you gotta scrap the imperfect photos too!   I was doing a self pic of us and when I looked, the setting was "IN YO FACE" close...she wanted to delete it but I liked it and so voila, untouched closeup...we are who we are......shame I'm so damn short though that she has to bend down in the pic-I'm vertically challenged as my dad told me earlier this week :):)


Cindy Gay said...

Not an imperfect photo and your pearl designs are perfect!

Bente Fagerberg said...

I agree that any photo can be scrapped if there is a memory in it.
I love all things 'pearl' too. Swirls , half pearls, liquid ones ,...you name it. I love them,..yup! Great lo by the way!

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