November 2, 2012

TGIF! Happy Friday !

Well, I had been hearing so many horror stories about the long lines at the early voting polls so I decided to swing over there today to check it out.  But first, I spent my morning with the awesome Nursing Program at Johns Hopkins Bayview Center...I felt honored to be one of their guest speakers during their 8th Annual Nursing Conference.  Despite the fact that I have to relieve those 8 months with Thing 2 at Hopkins, I am blessed that it is part of their "teachable moments" in their program; the human element is important since all nurses have one of the hardest jobs on the planet-Besides, I would do anything for Brandon's "auntie mom" alice and the rest of the nurses there!

 after that, I swung over to the early voting center in Columbia:

score for Howard County Board of Elelctions...I got there at the perfect time (11am) and there were about 75-80 people ahead of me...everything all organized and I was in & out in 19 minutes!!  Woop Woop!!
come back in a few since I'm getting ready to post the challenge over at 15....CYA!

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