December 11, 2012

Winterings reveal is finally here! a TOOT!

I was MIA all weekend since I was bedridden with lots of germs & body aches so I am finally back to the land of the living sorta kinda....but enough about me! Let's talk Little Yellow Bicycle shall we??  Their talented DT paved the way last week and started showcasing some lovely goodies featuring their new collection Winterings! A Cycling Chick call was held a few months ago & yours truly was one of the chosen few to represent this wonderful line!  LYB gifted us so much product that I truly didn't know where to start! I mean, for those who know me, I like snow, I just don't like being IN snow....I love bundling up and doing photography in it for 30 min max but there cannot be any driving in, shoveling, snowball throwing or making of snowman involved.  I think it came from living up in the Catskills (even though my dad never made me shovel snow) and just hating how cold & windy it got and then the yukky ugly meltdown afterwards.  Cold and wet don't agree with me; give me sunny & wet any day!
One look at this lovely collection had me  rethinking my snow position...I actually wanted to use every single thing in it! Journaling spots, glittered overlays, chipboard shapes, vellum stickers (loved loved loved those-they are like washi tape but MUCH thicker)... don't get me started on the, my reveal is {HERE} today....a sneak for ya and the another full reveal with a writeup tomorrow...

cycle over to Little Yellow Bicycle and check-check-check me out! Support a sistah with some royal L-O-V-E fit for a queen!

**You can buy the full collection {HERE} or contact your LSS and request it!

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Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

I totally love your altered can! The texture is amazing and all the layers of embellies are super fun. I really like all the eye-catching bling you added. So festive!

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