January 15, 2013

Paper Issues wants you to go back...

to 2012....They  want to see your favorite project from 2012.
I so meant to do a 2012 recap on December 31...like a countdown, but with me being sick and then everybody else sick , the holidays,  going out of town, it got forgotten so I'm glad Cassie & crew are having this recap.  But to pick just one???  Can't do it!   I picked THREE....My personal favorite is this one I did with a picture from my uncle's (who passed summer 2012) funeral....he was extremely near and dear to my heart and I MISS HIM LIKE, EVERYDAY**2012 holidays were sad not hearing his voice...he was a BLESSING.
loved using an overlay since he was in the military
But I couldn't stop at one so my next favorite was this one:
 and lastly, this one I did for the Lily Bee blog :)


MandyKay said...

super cute!! i especially love that Lily Bee layout with the photo booth pics!!

Tamika said...

I like the buttercup layout! I have yet to cut into mine L:-(

Gretchen said...

awesome layout Kate! love 'em!

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