March 5, 2013

Surgery update for Thing 2

When prayers go up, blessings come down.....
Mr. UNhappy with Dr. Pike
The surgery went well and he is recuperating with a few minor glitches (mainly fever) but I just want to thank all of you wonderful blog readers for sending so many public and private messages of prayers and also snail mail ( I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my crafty online friends) and big hugs for those who actually came by the house ahead of time and brought sweet treats and food for the family; it truly showed me who I can count on in a time of need!!

BIG LOVE to CINDY GAY- her mail was the first one he got...even though his dad messed up the surprise and gave it to him on the weekend :)  Loved that she added some WV ephemera to it!  
*** Can't wait to SMASH it!


Cindy Gay said...

Ah, he looks Kate. Love that you might "smash' the little WV pin!

Tamika said...

SO sweet glad to here he's all good! I thought we wouldn't see you blogging for like EVER! Welcome back!

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