May 16, 2013

Weekly roundup :) (LONG)

I have to admit, there's times when I just get too busy to blog and so this catchup is for the fam....Mother's Day was spent chillaxing and I REALLY mean chillaxing! The Queen has never been a DIYer so I finally jumped on the bandwagon.... I had spent two days prior to Mothers Day cleaning, degreasing and staining my kitchen cabinets (since our house is starting to age and I haven't won the Powerball yet), easy sewing of some new kitchen curtains (first sewing project ever since my machine was bought for sewing on paper LOL-they did come out crooked but not TOO crooked) and Thing 3's bathroom needed some TLC (paint, curtains, etc), by the time mom's day came around, I was exhausted!  I spent the day doing absolutely nothing and that included NOT getting dressed or combing hair :

cleaned my scrapbook room up a bit but not much creating!!

BEST GIFT: good to know he thinks those sweet things about me :) I'm doing something right :)

Thing 1 was at a sleepover, so Thing 2 fixed me breakfast in bed, so pancakes it was (even though I detest pancakes (and waffles too) BUT there are times when I just gotta eat em ) and I watched my favorite episodes of Property Brothers (my strange addiction to those twins).....

Then, Thing 2 and I went on our own Field Trip to Washington DC yesterday-his class was going to Orioles Park for Weather Day and I just didn't think he was gonna get too much outta being in a crowd of thousands & all the feedback noise so we did our own thing...caught the metro and went to the Air & Space Museum in DC...a more laid back and boring kinda museum but still fun for us!  The day started off cool & humid and a bit cloudy but by the time we got to the museum, it was warm & sunny!  We got to check out some cool stuff, eat lunch and walk around DC before heading back -he was excited about catching the metro too!

One of my favorite pics of the day:

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love the photos! Loving that Mama's Day card!!!

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