June 3, 2013

2 weeker roundup-OOPS I did it again!

I know, I know...I have been MIA again!  I went out of town to help my dad with some things and what I thought to be a quick trip turned out to be a long journey! No time for texting, blogging or computer time AT ALL... I came back on Friday but it's taken me 3 days to get back into MY swing of things, to clean my house and just to rest my nerves....BUT, I am back and let's see...I got some happy blog winnings "gcd style" of some awesome Heidi Sonboul goodies: If you haven't checked out her new blog, you should! 
SunKissed Collection
but there's more {HERE} and I can't wait to use it...am hoping to PRE-MAKE our Beach 2013 mini book before we go south in the summer (NC/SC split)...

One thing I did get to do that I enjoy when down south was head to one of my favorite places called The Croaker Spot for some good ol' soul food....(this was Dad's food):(u gon' eat dat con'bread??)

but this time, since it was so hot and humid,  I ate this with cornbread-weird I know but delish!
I had hoped to SMASH (translation=start my Book  of Me in the XL Purple Smash book) but, you know how it goes, as soon as I sat down to try to destress with my SMASH, folks got needy....so I got ONE page  half done-I want to add some inks, paint and stamping so...
 More roundup included lots of laundry, errands, grocery shopping and other boring mom duties :)  No need to add details on those. How was your May end & June begin??


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That food looks delish!! And YAY for GCD goodies!! Can't wait to see what you make!!!

Heidi Sonboul said...

When you make that album... make sure to share it with me. I WOULD LOVE to see it. :)

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