POLAR BEAR PLUNGE 2014 (for some of us)

By kate blue - Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, I am so blessed that I was plunging with a police team!  As many of you know, we've been having crazy snow here in Maryland (well, we had it last week-kids home from school and all) and so it was still piled up when we did the plunge on Friday.
We started the day off by registering, getting our sweatshirts and hanging out for a bit in the (WARM) hospitality tent :)
 than we hung out outside-I personally didn't think it was COOOOOLLLLD because 1.  the sun was shining and 2.  I have a thing that if my hands and neck are warm, then I'm good :)   but I can say, my toes were cold since I was wearing tennis shoes instead of some boots.

since we had snow, along with it comes ice and so there was only a small designated area for us to Plunge into but we managed!  We had a small team this year but hopefully next year, we can get some more folks to join us!

**unfortunately, the public plunge that was to be held on Saturday was postponed due to high winds, high waves and ice.  Most people don't realize that the snow storms created ice to freeze UNDER the sand!  It really was a good call the coordinators made to postpone it-after all , there would've been children (many with disabilities and wheelchairs) there on Saturday who could've gotten hurt.  So, hopefully the rest of the folks will plunge in March when the Cool Kids plunge! 

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  1. Just reading this and cant believe you did this, you rawk girl ! So much so I went to the page and donated a few coins ! Go on with your bad self :)


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