Cyber crops are the best!

By kate blue - Thursday, February 22, 2018

Signed up for a Cyber Crop with the WHOGAS!?  (Who Gives a Scrap) Facebook group run by the super talented and super multi-tasker Ms. Patricia Barnett!  Kinda scary when you sign up for a cyber crop because you don't know the challenges ahead of time and so you get all out of your comfort zone.  I always have a problem when people have me using a bunch of ribbon and buttons so I was leery....
So, out of the 11 challenges, I did 5 (2 of them I did twice) and then I did some JFM (just for me layouts)-did I mention that I knocked a serious dent in my February Counterfeit Challenge Kit as well??  I tried to use it as much as I can but I admit, I went downstairs into my stash and grabbed 2 other bags of embellishments and 2 other paper pads.  Still stash busting though so kudos to me for that!!

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