October 25, 2008

It's that time

of the year where germs are gonna kill us- can we say the germs have passed from Thing1 to Thing 2 back to Thing 1 then on the mom and finally dad... I think our house needs a Lysol bomb thrown in it...we have been recycling germs for 2 weeks now and I'm "just" feeling better-yeah better kinda sorta and awake at 3 am....guess that's what happens when you tip the Nyquil bottle without measuring, sleep all day, toss & turn sweating to death in the bed for an hour at 1 am. I finally just got up and said let me catch up on my email and my blog that I haven't seen in days....

Rain or no rain today; there will be a massive cleanup of all areas! The whole house smells sick when it should be smelling like cinammon and apples and pumpkin and cookies..... once I go back to bed and get up later that is...Like Niecy says, "I'm GOING IN!"


Jenniwren32 said...

Hi Kate,

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog. I love your work your layouts are really beautiful!

I'm so sorry you guys have been under the weather!!! It's definitely going around! Get better soon.

Julie O. said...

Your blog looks great Kate!

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well...sounds like you are on the mends though. Hang in there!

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