January 1, 2009



{the band}*** did I say they were playing Kidz Bop all night long??

MY VIP !!! See any celebs you know ????? :)

HAPPY 2009!! I know I'm here late; I was partying all night with all my friends and the band last night! For all of you who stayed home, you missed a good time with all my VIP! hehehehheeee

but on to my RAK's...all you gotta do is spread the word, leave your name and link to where you posted word of my blog AND your 2 favorite scrapbook supplies. That's it. On January 4th, 2009, I'll draw 4 names to win 4 prizes out of my "clean your scrap area" stash. Easy peasy.


Anonymous said...

this was fun, gave me a chance to show my friends something new about me :)
My 2 favorite supplies are my fiskars paper cutter (use it like crazy!)
and elmers no wrinkle glue. lol..they are the key to my scrapbooking, couldn't scrap without !

BRIANNA F # 5378

Anonymous said...

re: RAK will be up on my blog
Jan 1, 2009 8:40:08 PM
I have tried and tried to post on your blog but it won't let me. No matter how many times you click on it nothing happens. I agree with one poster here, hands down, my greatest indespensable tool is the Fiskars paper trimmer. I never make a project without it. And my other one is my OTT lite. I can't do anything without that one, for sure. I'm sorry that I don't have a blog or website to post your link too though. Happy New Year to you!
Sondra Fiskateers 4936

Anonymous said...

I would love to leave you a message on your blog, except I also cannot get it to work.
Great Job. I wish I had a area that I could leave up, but I don't so I have to put alway each time I use my stuff. Maybe some day I will be lucky
Ms. Jackie ***FISKATEER

The Inque Spot said...

Love the VIPs......

scrappinmomto2girls said...

This roks girl!!

Love you VIP.....glad u had a great New Years!! Here is where I am spreading the word!!


And my 2 fave supplies are chipboard and paper :)

ANd I am Margaret from SB.com :)

Rhonda said...

Yay!!! It looks like you got it to work.....I have to say my most invaluable scrapping tool are my distress inks, and my cutterbee scissors, such simple things, but I couldn't live with out them..
I will post a link to your blog on my blog at
to spread the word...
Thanks Rhonda

wanda said...

Have to love your vips, lol. You have great blog. My favorite 2 Fiskar products: 1.rotary trimmer #2.fingertip swivel knife. I don't have a blog or web page, sorry.

Scrappy Princess said...

Hi Kate! I posted a blog telling everyone where to find you and how to get a chance to win a RAK. Here's the link to my blog. http://princessofscrap.blogspot.com/
I have a hard time just choosing 2 favorite Scrapping supplies. When forced to choose 2, I would have to say my Cricut and anything with bling.
You can find me by the name scrappyprincess on sb.com

Jenny B in Indy said...

I've been trying to leave a comment for several days now.. Looks like it will let me.
I think MAYBE there might be a Manning vs. Manning Superbowl this year. How cool would that be!
Oh yeah.. I'm gonna link ya, too.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Um, oh yeah. The barbie's are hilarious!
And my two fave things are patterned paper and flowers.

Annelies said...

Hello Kate, here's my link . My favorite supplies are patterned papers (my most important addiction) and nestabilities. Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Anonymous said...

I love the layouts you have posted and the News Year party looked like the place to be swinging at.
I really like my fiskar paper trimmer and my tape/glue runners.
I don't have a blog but will pass your sight on to my crafter friends. thanks
Debbie #4668

Mardi said...

Woohoo, I can post a comment. Fiskar border punches and my paper piercer are my two fav tools. Here is the link

Turtlelady~Sandy said...

I don't have a blog:=( But, my favs are trimmer, decorative brads, border punches, cat's eye chalks. Hope to see you again soon!!!
Sandy~Turtlelady #1715

Elizabeth said...

what fun!
My name is Elizabeth my 2 fav. scrapbooking items are my cutterped paper trimmer and my ink pads. here is my link.


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