January 11, 2009

Just an FYI

that I do not mind people having an opinion about me sticking up for Sasha BUT I do mind you being abusive in your comments to me. This is a democracy and everyone has their opinion to situations {including me} and I chose to NOT post it anonymously like some of you and I will respectfully leave it at that. I didn't agree with the postings that Sasha placed on her blog after the postings at CMK, but like she said it is HER blog and HER words and I respect that aspect of it. I merely stated my opinion that included other conversations that bloggers were not aware of. Let's just let sleeping dogs lie and go forward. If you got upset by MY post(s), use that energy in a more creative outlet rather than sending me anonymous and other nastygrams; there's more important things like the war in Iraq and hungry kids in our community than to worry about scrapbook DTs and published pages-it's all good in the neighborhood ya know?????


Mardi said...

So sorry Kate! Some people! Tell Sasha I say hello!

sharon said...

I'm confused but hey, I'll second that...what she said!!!!

Sasha said...

Head up Kate..Yah I know my post was rough on my blog, but hey at least I said it on my turf with my name and a face, and not anonymously. Had I said the same thing w/no FOUL language everyone would have been okay with it .. Like everyone has been telling me let this roll off your back, it is unfortunate that I AM the one being attacked over there and lies spat about me, and it is all good, this too shall pass. Sorry that this is happening girl .. but there are bigger fish that need frying right .. lol.

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