January 24, 2009

What's been going on?

well. let's see...boring week....finally got my behind outta the sick bed for Inauguration...did I mention that I passed the sickness on to hubby???

* got to see my friend Mandy who I hadn't seen in like forever; had a great time and got home entirely too late.
* Scrapped about 6 cute layouts but haven't photographed them cause they are out in the car-too lazy to lug the big tote inside till tomorrow.
* May start early and start doing the CLEAN thing since Kim's coming on Saturday and there's no football on tomorrow. I love the Ravens anyway!
*Had a yummy Greek burger (not gyro) with lots of cucumber and tzatziki sauce-I'll probably dream about it tonight :)
Saying prayers for my scrapbooking friend Kimberly Madrid and her little man Ryan who has had leukemia since 2006..was in remission and it has returned and despite a stem cell transplant and other medical procedures, the treatment he is undergoing now may not work. Kim's words are here and it hurts me to post them for I know how her heart is heavy right now:

"Ryan will be getting 5 days of a combination of ARA-C and clofarabine. These are both ''big gun'' drugs. The doc was very clear that they did not know if this would work or not. She was also very careful to state (and re-state) the possible side effects of this chemo: immuno-suppression, possibly for a very long time, nausea, fever, vomiting, severe organ damage (to the point that he could die from this).

Well. If we don't go forward we *know* for certain (barring Godly intervention) that the cancer will kill him. We won't know if this chemo can help him unless we try"

She asks for nothing but prayers right now. If you have a minute, pleae visit their www.Caringbridge.org page (key word is MADRID) and leave some words of encouragement... thank you {heart & hug inserted}

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