February 24, 2009

Great class YUMMO!

I had the pleasure of escaping last night to attned a maryland Crab Classics cooking class given by the very very nice Mr. Richard Douville...We made Maryland Crab Imperial, Crab soup, Hot Crab Dip and Mini Crabcakes! If you are looking to try something different in the kitchen, check out resources in your local area like I did...our department of Parks and Recreation in Howard County offers cooking classes every semester with inexpensive prices ranging from $ 20-$48 and you get to learn how to make at least 3 different dishes. I met some really nice people (Katie, Jackie, Mr. Devious and the Soup Guy!) I left without my recipe cards though.....
Bon Appetite!

**and yes, I had my camera and asked my classmates to take some pics for scrapbooking pursposes! :)

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Ooooohhhh yum-o!! I was a crab virgin until last week when Anna took me to Mike's crabhouse up in Annapolis. Oh...My...Goodness....I am a huge crab fan now, and most jealous that you got to go to a class and learn how to make all those yummy things - especially the crap soup - I think that was my fav:)

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