February 24, 2009


was a colorist in another life...with budget cuts all around, my poor greys have been peeking out entirely too much and I was hesitant to color my own hair...Karla said she'd do it but I was too chicken that week. I finally got the nerve to ask Essandra to do it provided that she promise that if she made me look "crazy" and f#*dup she'd pay for a color fix at the salon...we treaded lightly....got the frosting kit and set a date....ALIEN cap?????? On!

Mixure mixed?? Yes!

and it came out just like Linda does it, only it cost me about $ 9 bucks for the kit instead of $ 45 at the salon. Whew! I am relieved but am at aloss as to why salons charge so much; I'm sure other folks pay more than that...I know some people who pay between $ 100-$200 for color {ya know who ya R} ..I'm sure I wouldn't do this all the time, but in a pinch, YES!

ps-I still owe her a tip :)
pss- I hear ya'll laughing at me all the way over here :) Who said getting bootiful was pretty????

1 comment:

Staci said...

Your new hair color is pretty! :-)

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