July 7, 2009

Birdee still taking shape

Man! This little birdee is harder than I thought! Guess that's why I NEED Tim Holtz to teach me huh? This DIY stuff is hard! Still working on it...

Haven't glued the headpiece (crown is actually a STICKER from the Making Memories Vintage Finds ephermera collection) on yet...she needs more color so I am off to get another ink tomorrow....loved that I recycled some of BB's old necklace thingees to make the crown-glued it over a broken earring {RRR}...Maya Road chipboard wings covered in Shimmerz and ink...TH grungeboard circle covered in glass beads that I got at a yard sale..I'm into the recycling part but NEED some cool metallic stuff like TH uses so....may not finish this project this month. Work in progress and I see why the origianl artist charges a lot for these...labor intensive.

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