July 17, 2009

July Page Maps contest -LOTD

Loved this sketch by Becky Fleck @ Page Maps blog

and even though it called for a smaller picture size, I knew I wanted to use this BIG picture that had been sitting in my folder all month, so, I took the plunge and kept going with my winter/Christmas in July blog theme...loved how this came out and not just because I LOVE this picture of Thing 1 & Thing 2 together!

Thanks for looking! Liked how the MM papers still kinda went with the road trip theme and cool colors for winter/snow...used some other winter embells from my stash and that cool thing at the top??? A recycled Christmas ornament!!


Star said...

Hey Queen Kat! Thanks for leaving a post on my blog, I always love to see new faces. Love your blog too, and especially your "you might also like" at the end of your posts!
good luck on the pagemaps contest, great lo!

.charity. said...

love that page!

m1ch3113lee said...

That is an awesome page. good luck.

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