July 5, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :)

***Decided to change the drawing and do it early!! PLUS, I have 2 winners-one drawn by each child; what is it about kids and drawing a name out of a hat that each one has to do it?

So, without further ado-the 2 winners are:


Congrats ladies! I will be in touch with you tonight when I get back from Pennsylvania tonight. And to all of those that didn't win...I'm thinking of drawing some more names for my birthday....just because I still am in the cleaning mode and I still need to decrease my stash. It won't be Christmas stuff but I'll find some theme or just cool stuff in general....won't open the giveaway to any new names so that should be nice right??!!!!

Enjoy this day the Lord has made; it is gorgeous outside!

1 comment:

m1ch3113lee said...

Wow this is awesome. Thanks a lot Kate for pulling my name. Have a safe trip.

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