July 4, 2009

Smores are all gone

and we roasted mini marshmallows {or is it marshmellows??} over the fire {heheheeheee} I mean candle...both kids are gone to bed! They just can't stay up late :)

Hope everybody had a wonderful 4th!!! This was the 1st time in "forever" that I haven't been celebrating my birthday around the 4th-For those of you who are new to me, I usually celebrate my birthday a week early and do it around the 4th with a big cookout with family and friends and tons of food, crabs and beer, etc...but, this year funds were low and BB won't be here so we decided not to do it...felt kinda weird but definitely stress-free which on one hand, I kinda liked. May have to buy some crabs and shrimp on payday next week (just for me, Brandon & Ken) to make up for the loss of birthday cheesecake today though.

Good night!
btw-love all the comments & compliments on the blog- Thank you!

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