August 17, 2009

do not ask me why....

but my kids love to bake...sheesh, don't they know I do not bake??? Sam I am, green eggs and ham I "CAN" do, but baking, not so much. It's excrutiating for me; the whole measuring thing that I dislike which even carries into my scrapbooking and altered art stuff...BUT I do it since they ask so nicely and everybody knows both of their skinny bodies need baked goods...Plus, I think it's important to shwo our kids that in life, sometimes when we do things we aren't always "perfect" at, what's important is the TRY-we give it a try and if it doesn't end up perfectly,there are still other lessons learned in the middle of it all. If I can get away with that lesson by baking a cake then, hot damn, I'm gonna do it!

So, I taught BB how to make the Jewish Apple Cake that I used to bake {easy cake} many years's all about the fun right????!!! Plus, I let BB be the photographer and "allowed" her to photograph me despite what I had on and the fact that I was just chillin' around the house-what is the word? Oh yeah, sponteneity! {insert crazy face} We ate it for dessert, critiqued the recipe since it was good but not great and we have to confer with both Aunt Karla and Aunt Lynne (since they both bake and bake FANTASTICALLY) as to what was right about the cake and what was wrong about the cake...either way, I'll be eating it for breakfast tomorrow!


bockel24 said...

loved that post!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

It must just be me... but I couldn't find anywhere to post a comment on your post "No amount of rain or thunder could keep them home"

so, I scrolled back and hit this one to comment on, since someone had left a comment already.

What am I doing wrong?

Anyways... Love that post of the Redskins and Steelers
shirt...very smart haha With our girls and son-in-law being UofL alumnae, but currently going to dental and med school at UK... they all are UK fans. However, on game day between UofL and UK, they bravely wear their UofL Red shirts in the midst of blue at the UK stadium. (they may have thought of the UK blue under the UofL red :o)

And last of all... you all look great! He did an awesome job on the picture taking!

Blessings & Aloha!

(don't be a stranger :o)

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