August 17, 2009

Might as well do 3 for 3-Holtz in the house again!

just more pics from yesterday {thanks e!} some of Tim unposed which was hard to do since he moves around so fast! We also stalked the sign like crazy fans; shoulda brought it home with me {did I say that out loud??? hheheheee}....and we had Mario {hopefully} cracking up and not thinking we were too {two} crazy divas!!! Only Essandra can say though that Tim Holtz led the crowd in singing happy birthday to her :)

Great day and oh I forgot, since folks were asking...Tim & crew premade the sparkly grungeboard squares and also the ultra-cool flower {yes, it too is grungeboard} but he gave us instructions and an extra set to play with at's one of the squares up close-

**and just a note that, while I don't give a rat's @ss if you use my layouts, please remember and respect that Tim's project images are HIS; any designs/photos listed on this blog are for personal use only and may not be sold in any form without specific permission from Tim Holtz, LLC. Please and thank you!


KAT said...

Katherine - loved all your pictures of Tim - I am such a fan of his - you are sooo luck that he was 15 minutes from your house. He was no where near NE Ohio (actually Queen's Ink was the closest at 6 hrs away)... so I and 3 friends are going on the Timmeeee cruise in October... Until then I'll just drool on your pictures and think about how lucky you were this weekend!!!

Penci said...

Kat, you will be walking on air for a long time to come. So happy you got to take a class with Tim. This past June was my first and was the best artistic experience I've ever had. I felt a little "country come to town" at first when I walked in the room and there stood (clouds parting, angels singing) TIM HOLTZ!!!! Tim and Mario just make you so comfortable and they are great people. Love your completed project....its fabulous?

Star said...

That looks like fun, he looks like a really nice down to earth guy too!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

you are one lucky lady! I would die to see Tim in person!

Love the project!...did I mention you were LUCKY!

Kathy2eggs said...

I just love your photos, may I use one or two on my blog???

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