August 6, 2009

Thanks Keri

for putting this info on her blog-I know we all love scrapbook supplies but sometimes our budget is tight so we gotta cut are some great sites that have some great deals-I did add a few of my own. Sometimes you can find things that you shoulda bought at your LSS that you didn't, and when you went back, they were sold out; happens to me all the time when I'm being a cheapskate or have limited funds and I want it all but can't have it.

Crafty Steals
Crop Chocolate
Scrap Buck
Scrap Booking Warehouse
Createforless (they have chipboard and it comes in black-cheap)


Christine Stratton said...

Hey Kat! Thanks for the links. I really like the peachycheap site concept. I'm going to have to visit that one every day.

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Hey Girl!

Thanks for stopping at my blog.

Your blog is very cool! I added myself as a follower, your almost up to your goal. Good luck!


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