September 27, 2009

Scrapgal online crop

If you can believe I dragged my nauseated butt outta bed (had to since hubby worked today) and DID NOT watch my beloved football-all for you Mandy & Chez...gave up my Ravens game {sniff sniff}...all around mojo was off but did a few thangs...not my best but...oh well... am exhausted but gotta update the bloggedy blog with my Scrapgal of the Week- Up next!

ps- and after all that blogging I did about going to see the Wizard of OZ, I missed it!  Hubby was in Chicago and I was in bed sick!!!!!!!!  :(

1 comment:

kimbo848 said...

hehe, i lucked out sunday. the cowboys play monday night! it was nice to meet you and see your fab work at the crop.

kimbo in fort worth

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