October 26, 2009

More tag swap stuff....

the tags I rec'd were just so beautiful that I've decided to dispaly them around the house rather than just put 'em up somewhere to collect dust bunnies...SO, earlier in the fall when I had Jim come and do some tree trimming, he found 3 birds nests and asked if I wanted them...{yes}..so I sprayed them with bug spray first and them later with some Concrete Shimmerz and here is how I displayed this phenomenal tag from NANCY W- ( the eggs are soap from an Easter kit I bought at Pier One long time ago for like $1 after Easter  was over)- everything was like 90% off !

 It's sitting in my scrapstudio, looking all pretty-don'tcha love this?????


Nancy W said...

OMG I'm honored. Thanks so much Queen Kat!

Joy said...

Looks like something I've seen at Pottery Barn....and it wasn't 90% off!

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