October 17, 2009

more Treats courtesy of Fabulous K

While Thing 2 was busy doing her Zombie Pumpkins rendition of President Obama, Thing 1 and I decided to try a different approach- PAINT & glitter!  I figured that since he can't do that kind of fancy stuff, paint and glitter could involve him in a good way so...we were inspired by this posting of glam pumpkins over at Fabulous k's place.

I do have German glass glitter but didn't want to use it because it is very sharp and with Thing2 -could you just imagine??? Plus,it is pretty pricey so; we used Martha Stewart glitter and some other black glitter that I bought at a craft shop long time ago in Richmond....and so this is what we did!  Contemporary pumpkins this year.....Since I am the queen, not only was I inspired by Fab K, but a deck of cards, you know, the whole royalty thing...I do suggest using spray paint if doing this project though, and maybe spraying them outside the day before; acrylic paint took too WAYYYY long to dry; I had to whip out the blow dryer.  It could've been because we left this one outside and it got a bit wet.  Project did take a long time so if you have time to kill....but other than that, it was pretty darn cool...next time I do them mini style.

I may get 2 more plastic ones just for lighting the space since we do line the driveway with pumpkins at Halloween.  I did also do a spooky one last week (see upper left).

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