October 17, 2009

Treats courtesy of Zombie Pumpkins

Well, the weather here in Maryland has us thrown for a loop...nuttin but RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN for days and cold cold temps (40-43 degrees)...so it has wrecked havoc on our plans to go to the pumpkin patch for our annual pumpkin gathering and family photo....so, we stayed in, played kidz hits, ate yummy homemade soup and great bread with a nice salad and steamed shrimp, and yep, I actually broke out and made a pie today!  It was all about comfort food and having fun despite the chill....

Thank goodness I had 2 pumpkins in the car already from running errands last week...Thing 2 wanted to try her hand at carving a pumpkin of President Obama courtesy of my friends over at Zombie Pumpkins ..she realized after her hands started getting tired that the folks at BLAZE are indeed talented; intricate pumpkin carving is VERY HARD and time consuming!  After all her work, it doesn't "QUITE" look like the President, but she did a GREAT job since this was her first time (but not her last-we had FUN) and we will display it proudly!  Thank you Ashley, from the Richmond Photography Meetup group for the cool pointers for photographing pumpkins!

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