November 8, 2009

Hope everybody had a great weekend....

like I did...what could be better than scrapping, meeting new friends, eating good food and drinking good wine??? But, am back to the real world so...have gotten some ques's about the new blog look and yes, I know, the new blog look is different and not quite my personality and yeah, I miss the Evil Queen too but I was having some display issues that I couldn't figure out so I just decided to try a new TEMP look...I know it's boring but until I have time to play around, que sera sera....Chez is working on something for me as we speak so hopefully she'll have some ideas when I see her ..we shall see what new look I'm gonna have for the holidays :)

I did get LOTS of stuff done at the Cozy Crop House but since the good camera is broken and I haven't figured out the old camera settings, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to post ..but for now...fall flashbacks from previous autumns..yes the difference in clothing is autumn in the DMV (DC, MD and VA areas) and then the autumn/pumpkin patch in New York-Big differences in temperatures as we go further north...enjoy!

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