November 5, 2009

Friday Scrapgal ***

can somebody say...Red Rover, Red Rover, send J. Chesnick on over!! My Friday Scrapgal this week is none other than the ulta fabulous, ultra talented and oh so personable Jenny Chesnick a/k/a Mrs. Chez!

I never did get my hat (sorry Heather) to look like this so I just gave up...btw, Chez & I share the same birthday so that means she's my DIVA !!! CHeck out her newly remodeled blog  ( I love it) and leave her some real love telling her Queen Kat sent ya!!

1 comment:

mrschez said...

you are so funny! What's your fav color and I will start workin on some shiz blog bling for you! See ya next weekend YES!!!!!!

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