January 25, 2010

Am so behind..mojo is running around somewhere

the computer crash thingee threw me for a loop-can't get back on track but did have 1 or 2 LOs that I was working on before that I just finished up last night ..figured that my 2010 goal is to scrap more of myself, Ken and vintage family photos so that the kiddos can see some "Old Skool"...so, up first is the cute guy that I married-he was even a cutie back in elementary school!  He doesn't like this picture, he actually cringed when he saw the layout :)  but since we only have 3 pics of him from when he was a kid (LOONGGG STORY as to why that's all we have but I ain't talkin' about it), this one is my favorite since it reminds me of Brandon too.  tfl! (loved the October Aft. (since it was all about the BLUE {hahah}and Cosmo Cricket papers too :))

1 comment:

Kiwi The Kreator said...

DANG!!!! Your son definitely looks like his daddy!!!! Tell him others think that picture/this page are TOO cute!!!!

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