February 5, 2010



no new projects-I did this one at {e's} last weekend...Thing 2 had passed the germs on to me earlier this week so I've been laid up in bed for 2 days..I finally trolled outta bed a few hrs ago, took a long shower, got some hot tea and do feel so much better!

Hubs & I watched "Fireproof" together the other night and as part of his Day 1 Love Dare challenge, I think he let me stay in bed for 2 days to actually get better!.  I actually slept without interruptions, without Thing 1 and Thing 2 in my bed bugging the shit outta me all day!  What??!! So, even though my sleep patterns are all whacky, I feel 75% better AND since the BIG snow izza comin' tomorrow, I gotta be up & at em to run 2 errands in the am (but NOT the grocery store-I discovered PeaPod last week and love it)...who knows??  I may just get down here and scrap tomorrow too!!!!

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