April 16, 2010


Just one LO from outta that stash that wasn't picked up for publication....still need to get those that  were ready for shipping...shoulda had it done when my fedex guy ( Uncle Tee (and he's not really MY fed ex guy-he's MANAGEMENT now but I remember back inthe day when his skinny legs wore the shorts :)) pictured above with Thing 1) came by and delivered me some great stuff since he & the wifey went away for a few days...I coulda asked him to mail it for me...he came by bearing gifts from them. They brought me this : The good stuff, the best stuff, the "stuff" stuff...can't wait to sip some in the morning !!  Of the COFFEE that is!!

1 comment:

*charygirl said...

Now I'm not a coffee drinker but I'm sure it smells heavenly.

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