April 15, 2010

Where has this week gone???

too many administrative tasks to do this week is all I can say and no scrappin time fit in...nothing like filing the taxes on the last day huh??? Oh well, at least I can say that I can officially plan to get 2 new toilets installed.  Your house ALWAYS knows when you got some extra spare change-oh yeah, and your cars know too so hubby's car needs new tires so...I do hope (that's the big word here HOPE) to get a cheap camera after all is said and done-ANY SUGGESTIONS???  I know what I'd like to have (see above) but it ain't happening; it's not in the budget so ...I gotta think inexpensive but great zoom and megapixels...plus durable since I'm hard on cameras since I don't take care of them; I've gone through 3 in the last 6 years.  Am soooo glad that I do get to go play with Lisa and Deb this weekend; am so looking forward to that -just gotta get downstairs and organize all this "shhtuff" that I didn't do today (I'm having insomnia again worrying about $$ -the lack of it and also more about my sister-in-law's health (she started CHEMO this week-Yeah that nasty thing we call CANCER-It SUCKS!!!) and about my little friend Mackenzie who's been back in the hospital w/ vomiting and headaches all from those things called brain tumors... so I crashed and burned early this evening and took a power nap after I filed the damn taxes until a friend called and woke me up-thanks A, I was glad to hear from you!!!)   I do hope to post the flyer for the CCH yard sale by tomorrow if Cheryl can send it to me. Anyway...see ya tomorrow, same time, same place...adios !!

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