April 30, 2010

So long APril....

Fantastic Friday everyone!  Hope your weekend will be filled with loads of fun and great scrapping in honor on National Scrapbooking Day!  I shall be working for pretty much most of the day and it's all good; we need the funds for the last toilet install plus other things so...I know I'll find time to read all the blogs and check ya'll out late late late in the wee hours so...my Friday pick is actually someone who's work I've been loving and loving and meaning to scraplift foreva but never have...she's one of our new Design Team members (along with Myia) over at Candy Shoppe Designs so holla at your gurl, Dana Tatar (yep, that's her real last name- but is it Tatarrrrr like Peanut (Jeff Dunham) would say or is it Tater like po-tater salad??? Inquiring minds wanna know!!  This girl is smart, cute and a nifty crafter I must say and I am so excited to be working with her at CSD AND also lifting her over at TrueXOXO!!!!!!! Check her out at her blog, leave some love and tell her Quuen Kat sentya!

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Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Thanks for the love! I have been drooling over your designs for some time and ALWAYS find inspiration here! You're FABULOUS!

FYI: My last name is pronounced Ta-ter, like po-tater salad. I do sometimes pronounce it like Tatarrrr when I want to sound more regal, LOL.

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