April 22, 2010

Whoo's got a giveaway??!!

you guys know I like wearing crafty aprons EVEN though I can't make them!  I can't sew so I buy them and then jazz em up... and my mom also UPcycled one for me from a pair of my dad's old jeans and fabric and an old belt (see picture-cute huh??) so...this struck my eye-Karen has made this cute creation and is having a giveaway on her blog on Saturday!  Head over now & check it out in more detail and blog  about it!

1 comment:

KarenB said...

I REALLY appreciate this little post, my dear. I'm sorry you broke the camera, but hope you got a fabulous new one. It's addictive. I haven't gotten much beyond automatic. ;-)

Have a great Sunday,

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