July 5, 2010

Summer redesign thoughts

am always thinking of how I'm gonna re-design my scrap studio..it's too dark and I want a change...I get a ton of compliments on the wall wording in the living room (see below left) and really, it's an inexpensive way to change a space quickly...the place I got this one from is out of business but here's another one that can do the same and their shipping is only $ 4.95! They are called Xpresivedesigns.com and they aren't limited to wall decals! Kate, this fabulous DIY gal that I accidentally came across, is giving away a $ 50 gc to 2 lucky winners.  Head over to her blog and check it out!!! Not just the giveaway but her BLOG-you'll be on it for hours, trust me-she needs to head over to 6420,,,just sayin'

1 comment:

Darlene Servolini said...

Go for it! We want before/after pics too. :)

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