August 29, 2010

It's finally official-summer is over for these two

and all I can say is thank  goodness...I'm like the folks on the school supplies commercial...dancing a jig cause they FINALLY go back tomorrow!!! It was a great summer, full of fun & sun and even one awesome day of Disney (hey CB, these pics are for you darling...check it out, I was one of the chosen few to be Miss Piggy' & Kermit's parade ambassadors for Minnie & Mickey's Main Street Parade @ Disneyworld-IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME and a dream come true!!!)
As of today, their {our} party is OVER...can't wait for the yellow buses come Monday morning...


that girl said...

That's always a good feeling!
Love those Disney photos!

Cassie said...

If it is bad...then I am bad witcha.
I am so happy to have them gone!!
I want my time back!!!!
Great pics!!!
Looks like a fantastic time!!!

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