August 7, 2010

Traveling and Scrapping

I always try to find a LSS while traveling; that way, I get in some "ME TIME" and so thanks to E's GPS, I went in search...found 2 here in FL closeby that were within 15 minutes of each other...the first was Mouse Memories since I needed some finishing touches for me & BB's Disney books (pictures tomorrow) ...they are technically an online store but have some stuff in their warehouse so Barbara packaged it all up for me so stuff would stay all together-cool beans...

I then traveled over to THE LOOP and found Piktails! Met the fabulous Ms. Debbie (reminded me of being at PhotoScraps-they were helpful and friendly like T and her crew and their selection was similar)  and her mom (forgot her name-sorry~) and Miss Suzanne and another Miss Barbara...they extended their Florida hospitality and gave me a FREE awesome class AND we're gonna crop next week! Can't wait to get home and show you guys how to make this-it's easy and way cool...just need somebody who's gonna loan me their big cropadile (the yellow one)..sneak peak for if you are in the Orlando area, please be sure to check out both of these stores!!

1 comment:

Darlene S. said...

my walmart usually has the bigbite on megasale. I think I bought mine for like $11! ill see if they still have any when I go again. :)

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