October 4, 2010

My baby's growing up!! The first tooth

came out a few minutes ago!  We were so excited and he didn't even know what it meant!!  Only a scrapper is like"Where's my camera?" LOL.....things that make you smile; I'm just glad it happened at home, he needed "ice" like he had an injury or something; it was sooo funny and sweet!!!


Suzanne said...

Your son is so cute! It is exciting when your baby loses their first tooth, but sad too! They grow so fast!!!

that girl said...

Congrats on the new accomplishment!
We just lost our first also....it's been loose all week and seems to have come out sometime in the night....but we NEVER found it! ;) Monkeyboy was lifting up the matress thinking it fell out and rolled to the floor, LOL!

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