October 5, 2010

Terrific Tuesday and some layouts! The mojo is

slowly returning...rain and cold temps aside...October is here and that means warm socks, new jackets, soups and anything related to warmth (I even snuck my heat on for a bit yesterday, it was 53 degrees brrr) and as promised to HE-WHO-LOST-A-TOOTH last nite, PIE!!! We're having pie from my friend Ms Smith on Wednesday; and really, one day, I shall learn to bake  :)....Rainy days also mean doing tons of indoor chores all at one time like cooking and laundry and admin stuff so you can scrap when the kids to to bed :)...here's some layouts that I hadn't finished up @ Kate's that just got finished this week...still using my growing pile of stash and even using piles of Lisa's stash (thanks chica!!) ...have a great day everybody and on a side note, keep praying for my friend MacKenzie!!!

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Cindy Gay said...

Really like Play and BMB!

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