November 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

with the holidays swiftly approaching, we're already bombarded with all the marketing gimmicks/approaches that come from all the big box distributors and stores-BUY ME! BUY ME! all even b4 we'd gotten to Thanksgiving...Black Friday Ads "purposely" leaked, all screaming with the perfect deal. I personally don't find shopping much fun, so I refuse to jump on that bandwagon next week and all the way into the new year (sorry shopaholics!)...but for Thurday's post, here's some reasons why you might want to consider buying handmade:

* Handmade goods are more than just a product; they are done BY hand with time and love and individuality  involved in the creative process.

* No crowds, no traffic :)and you can even customize with folks most times.

* When you buy handmade, you buy straight from the producer. You aren't lining the overflowing pockets of some  corporation who outsources.. You are taking part in a process of revising our economic model to one that rewards hard work, talent, creativity, initiative and personal responsibility.

* You get a better selection of unique, one of a kind eco-friendly recycled and upcycled products.
It shows our children that there is in artist in almost everyone; not everything desired needs to be mass-produced in some other country with questionable labor practices.  It fosters creativity in those of us who think we were talentless LOL.

* You can choose to support local artists in your own community or state.

*  When you give a friend or family member a  handmade gift, you really are saying "I love and care about you." You can really say "I saw this and thought of you." and really mean it.  That[person will treasure it even more.

and here's some great ideas/sites to get you started:

soy candles Kittredgecandles @ Etsy
prettypanda @

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