November 17, 2010

Whaszzup Wednesday?? A new challenge is up!

November is usually the month people GIVE THANKS.  It's the month we count our blessings and share what we are thankful for.  Although we Lollipop Girls at C.S.D. are thankful for so many different things, we would like to throw a curveball your way and we're hoping you won't dodge.
Instead of sharing what we are thankful for this season, we want to share our secrets with you all.  In return, we hope you share yours as well.  There's no shame to this game!

Check out what the Lollipop Girls did for this challenge....HERE
and here's my dls (Dirty Little Secret)
 yeah, I admit, I can't ride a bike!!  I used to, way back in the day, you know when you were are a kid, you could do it all; even used to ride with no hands!   But, if you don't do it regularly, yes, it IS possible to forget.  We were in Florida over the summer and the house we rented had these super cool vintage bikes so we packed em up for an eco daytrip and I thought how hard could it be???  Well, just sitting on the d@mn thing was an adventure; no matter how hard I tried, I could not balance or even get my feet to pedal (had nothing to do with me wearing a dress over a bathing suit LOL), as embarrassing and anxiety producing as it is, THIS is my Dirty Little Secret.  :)  I promised my daughter I would scrap about it ya go!
and just as a scrappy reminder, those awesome goodies are still up for the winner of the November challenge from our generous and talented folks over at BlueMoonScrapbooking!!!
and, don't forget to see my previous post for the birthday RAK giveaway!!


allyson joy said...

I know I already told you on the DT blog,,, but this deserves a second praising!!!! I love you secret - and your layout too!!! great job lady!!!!
{xoxo} sour patch chick

Cassie said...

LOVE this layout! Thanks for linking it up to Paper Issues! You rock! =)

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