May 8, 2011

for all you moms

and grandmoms, aunties, auntie-moms, stepmoms, friends who all "act" as moms...hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and for those who were missing their moms today for whatever reason, I hope you did something in their honor!
To me, the best gift for Mother's Day is always yummy food and just some peace and quiet and no demands of me for the day and that's just what I got today!  Hubby let the boy child bring me breakfast in bed:)

I got to chill in pjs all day and watch one of my all-time favorite movies The Five Heartbeats (have seen it 33 times) a lovely dinner cooked by my "home chefs" to my liking (steak-medium rare, baked potato and a beautiful salad) and a nice glass of GobblyWobbler Pink...the girl child baked me my favorite dessert (brownies) and it was just the best day :)

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Angi @ CokiePop said...

What a sweet day you've had. Happy Mother's Day to ya! :)

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