June 24, 2011

It's a FUN FRIDAY and a RAK winner!

It's been such a busy week with these two FINALLY getting out of school this week...I haven't had time for any creative projects but it's still a fabulous Friday anyway right???  Plus I get to save up all my projects and work on them at girl's crop this weekend so...I shall be prepared...but onto the giveaway...everybody knows that the Smash books  from EK Success are all the rage now and while yes, we scrappers have tons of paper, and yes, we can make our own books, these just have a certain "cool factor" about them...plus it's like in the old days when your mama sewed your clothes-folks could tell they were handmade and even though "I" personally loved my mom's sewing, there were still times when I wanted something "store bought"-so...I had already bought a few Smash books, then someone called me today and gifted me one ( I know! thanks Michelle!!) and then, I won one on the Making Memories blog!  So, rather than be a greedy gut, I decided to give one away.......
 and so today's RAK (random act of kindness) goes to Natalie Graham- email me your snail mail girly, so you can get to smashing!!!
see?  You never know when I'm gonna just do a random giveaway!  I do smell another one coming up for my birthday in mid July...gonna be a birthday themed package! You might wanna spread the word :):):)

1 comment:

Natalie said...

YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHh ! I know I am late. But I am so excited to win my SMASH book. Thanks for the love Kat.

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